Abstinence is Kool is an initiative that challenges middle and high school girls to take a pledge and say NO to sex for the entire school year. Taking the pledge is a simple process.  The girls who are interested in taking the challenge simply send an email here stating their name, age, school, city, state, and the reason they are taking the pledge (or they can join via the website, They will then receive a confirmation email confirming they are apart of the initiative for that school year.  Throughout the school year, the girls will have a chance to be a part of several fun and exciting activities including a chance to meet some of their favorite celebrities! Furthermore, the girls will make new friendships with young ladies who are just like them! These girls will give each other the much needed support to make it through the challenge throughout the school year.

Abstinence is Kool (AIK) was created by Celebrity Radio Host, Kendra G.  According to Kendra G there are MAJOR rewards that come along with being a Celebrity Radio Host, but in September 2008, Kendra G created a movement that would change her life and the lives of teen girls everywhere forever. The birth of Abstinence is Kool.

Abstinence is Kool is my baby! I truly feel as though GOD put this initiative in my heart to help young girls know that they don’t have to have sex in order to be “KOOL.” I remember when I was in high school I felt like an alien for not wanting to have sex, I honestly thought there was something wrong with me! I now know that I was on the right path and my friends were not. So now I’m on a mission to let young girls everywhere know that you are NOT an alien for NOT wanting to have sex at such a young age, you are actually the koolest! An AIK girl is the flyest girl in the world! She walks to her own beat at all times and doesn’t let peer pressure direct her every step. Yeah, she may hang with the kool crowd, rock all the hottest clothes and may even appear to be like everyone else but she is not! An AIK girl makes her own decisions and she knows where she is going and is unwilling to jeopardize her future just to receive her peers’ stamp of approval. So take the pledge and join the movement! Repeat after me, “Abstinence is KOOL…I’m NOT doing it!!!”

Kendra G